R. S. J. C. Munshi Sarvajanik Primary School

Our History

The  Sarvajanik Education Society started its activities in the secondary education sector and then expanded its area in the field of higher education in the university.During its fifty years of existence,SES  started the high school and colleges of various faculty in the city with multifarious development.Where the foundation of education it based and which the entire education structure is based,the deficiency of primary education link was done by the former chirmain of society.

Executive Late Shri.LalitMohan Gandhi. During this years English medium schools of convent schools were open and there was good rush on it.In1964 ,inspired by Late LalitMohan Gandhi to launch an idea for primary school of English medium in the city,he presented this proposal to society’s rights groups and lauded it.accordingly this primary school was started and it aimed to creat the ability of children.

For the purpose of getting the primary education available to the students here, Society started this primary school in June 1964. When this school started, it did not have a house and started running in the morning shift in the T &Tv school building of that time. Any school has a good and comfortable house (building),the society an applied for  785 sq government land in dhingli faliya in the heart of surat city. The value of the land is estimated to be about 125 lakhs and government has given the land to the society by revenue apology.

With this  the society received a huge donation of one lakh five hundred rupees for this school from Late RaoSaheb Jaynatilal Chunilal Munshi. In relation to their donation, the society relates to the primary school late Jayantilal Munshi as the name of adoption.

The society sought permission to start the five-six-seven standards of Gujrati Medium primary school in Nanpura’s T &Tv Sarvjanik high school  one to four standards were started in the school of Gujrati medium.